Business Skills

Discover the world of Chatbots and Artificial Intelligence (AI) software, how to utilise chat in your personal and professional life, how to customise ChatGPT including multimedia generating images, manipulating music and how scammers are using AI. Elevate your skills and explore the potential that ChatGPT has to offer.

Explore Cloud Collaboration Tools: Office365, One Drive, Teams, Microsoft cloud programs, and Zoom. Develop skills in online collaboration, troubleshooting, file transfer, video communication, organisation, storage and more.

LEAP into Digital Skills Empower yourself with bookkeeping basics using the free Xero online APP class. Learn essential financial management skills, from invoicing to reconciling accounts, with user friendly software. Gain proficiency in tracking expenses, managing cash flow and preparing financial reports.

Learn internet search basics, email fundamentals, sending emails efficiently with attachments and groups. Explore work email essentials, including signatures and auto responses. Gain insights into work email etiquette, online safety and manage your calendar effectively. Extend your skills in this practical class.

Learn to create professional documents like cover letters and resumes.  Gain practical skills and confidence using basic Word and Excel functions to prepare you for work, study or personal pursuits. This course will be held at our Computer Lab equipped with the latest Office365 applications and new desktops. Book early so you don’t miss out!