English and Literacy

Do you want to get into warehousing and distribution but need to improve your English? This 10 week course will get you prepared to start work or move on to further study in the logistics area.

A 4-week course for people interested in learning spelling tricks and improving reading and writing skills while preparing and enjoying new winter recipes.A safe and friendly classroom environment to support your learning,

Learn essential skills to manage a budget, set financial goals and become aware of helpful resources including types of loans and financial support available. This course will help build your confidence and communication skills in money management including dealing with institutions, budgeting, debt management, goal setting, overcoming financial blockers and where you can seek help […]

Learn how to get back into study patterns, structure essays and reports, what to expect in the classroom today and more.

This courses improves your literacy and English skills, as well as your computer skills. It covers grammar, writing and reading for both English and non-English speakers.