Digital Essentials Level 1 Designed especially for beginners, this course empowers you to boost your confidence and broaden your knowledge of various digital devices. Discover their functionalities and learn how to leverage them to connect online.

Digital Online Communication Includes Aussie English (Level 3+) Are you interested in learning about the Australian culture and language? Yeah, na? Join this class to find out this and more, while improving your presentation skills.

Lean practical techniques and strategies to protect yourself, boost your confidence and stay safe to navigate any situation with strength and resilience. All levels and abilities welcome. *Note: Please inform the instructor of any injuries, ailments or pregnancy before class.

Digital Essentials Level 2 Build your skills and expand your knowledge and understanding of technology, including use of different digital devices, their functionality and the ways to use them to connect with others and access services over the internet.

This is a free class for seniors over 65 years. Tuesdays 12.30pm – 2pm during school terms. Please contact the Centre on 9885 9401 for more information. T1: 6/2 – 26/3 (8wks)

This class focuses on strengthening core muscles, posture alignment awareness and improving muscle balance. Our classes are small and friendly. Please note:  Our mat pilates classes are general classes that don’t focus on particular issues. They are for a body that can move comfortably without pain restrictions. If you have specific major injuries, you may […]

Pilates is great for strengthening and improving your core muscles. It helps your flexibility and improves your posture. Our courses are small and friendly so you can get individual attention. Suitable for Beginners or those seeking a gentler class. Please note:  Our mat pilates classes are general classes that don’t focus on particular issues. They are […]

If you are new to digital devices or find using your mobile devices difficult, this is the course for you.  Start with the basics, learn the ins and outs of smartphones and tablets, essential apps and features to unlock the full potential of your mobile device and become more tech savvy.