Intensive Short Courses

Explore, participate and discover more about you as you create a truly unique life journal that can be assembled into a unique hand stitched book.

23 Oct: Basic Mending TechniquesLearn basic darning techniques to repair holes, sew on buttons and mend hems. 13 Nov: Mending Clothes Creatively with Hand EmbroideryLearn embroidery techniques to sew on patches and mend/disguise holes. Mon 5.30pm – 7.30pm $25 per session Note: Please bring your own scissors, threads and needle will be supplied.

Learn some basics of terrarium building at this hands-on workshop. You will go home with your own terrarium and be inspired to build more.

Learn and enjoy the mindful Japanese practice of binding plants into mini hanging works of art.

Learn how to perform basic repairs around the home. 14 Oct: Using Power Tools 28 Oct: Fixing Objects to Walls Sat 10am – 12pm $30 per session

Leap into Digital Skills Be on your way to modelling your new tiny house, renovation or ground breaking new product using Sketchup. Presented by an experienced designer and engineer with years of 2 & 3D CAD modelling experience.

Introduction to Voice Recognition Technology Learn how to set up, use and troubleshoot Google Home and similar devices to help you with everyday life, using voice commands.

Leap into Digital Skills Learn how different apps on your mobile devices can help make your life easier and fun, such as WhatsApp, AirTasker and MeetUp.Learn how to keep safe, detect phising attempts, recognise and avoid online threats.

Immerse yourself in the beauty of the Italian language with our small and supporting group led by a native speaker and editor for “What’s new in Italy”. Start a new language now! 21 Feb to 27 Mar (6wks)

Digital Online Communication Includes Aussie English (Level 3+) Are you interested in learning about the Australian culture and language? Yeah, na? Join this class to find out this and more, while improving your presentation skills.

LEAP into Resilience Come join this relaxed, supportive course: Identify your goals and make your own focus board to help you move towards them. Do it with friends to increase the fun and laughs. 17 Feb: Make your focus board.16 Mar: How are you going, jumping over barriers, decluttering.20 Apr: Learnings & where to now

Unlock your ability to bounce back from life’s challenges. Learn practical techniques (Tai Chi, Meditation) and mindset shifts to build emotional strength, adaptability and confidence to thrive in the face of adversity.