Unlock the power of ChatGPT and discover endless possibilities—from creative writing to problem-solving and more. Elevate your skills and explore the potential that ChatGPT has to offer.

Learn how to use a variety of hand-tools, gain basic skills and learn technical jargon to become confident in attempting your own project or further study. The project this term is a timber stool. Introduction to Carpentry & Beyond

Leap into Digital Skills Be on your way to modelling your new tiny house, renovation or ground breaking new product using Sketchup. Presented by an experienced designer and engineer with years of 2 & 3D CAD modelling experience.

Introduction to Voice Recognition Technology Learn how to set up, use and troubleshoot Google Home and similar devices to help you with everyday life, using voice commands.

Leap into Digital Skills Learn how different apps on your mobile devices can help make your life easier and fun, such as WhatsApp, AirTasker and MeetUp.Learn how to keep safe, detect phising attempts, recognise and avoid online threats.

General body fitness, to improve your core body strength and balance. Suitable for beginners or intermediate level. *Note: Please inform the instructor of any injuries, ailments or pregnancy before class.

Are you looking for work or unsure about employment and local community support services? Visit the centre for free advice from a careers counsellor. Walk-ins are welcome and by appointment. Every 1st & 3rd Thursday per month, starting in October. 12pm – 2pm

LEAP into Literacy Learn how to use a variety of hand tools to fix minor repairs at home. Covers language of fixing things around the house and shows you how, including: drilling holes into different surfaces; fixing squeaky hinges, winter-proofing the home, clearing blocked drains, caulking joints and more. A practical and supportive group.

Join in with this informal group discussing various interesting topics – themes include current affairs, travel and entertainment. The group meets on the 3rd Thursday of every month from 1pm-2pm. All welcome. Term 4: 21 Sep, 19 Oct & 16 Nov. Gold coin donation to join.

A gentle to intermediate class that encourages each individual to work within their own limitations. Each session will include a guided meditation for deep relaxation.

GTE Employability & Placement This is an excellent course for people looking to secure a new job or change jobs. This course helps students identify and review their job skills and examine portable skills that can be transferred between jobs. It also covers the latest job search techniques, and how to write eye-catching cover letters, […]