Alamein Neighbourhood & Learning Centre Inc. recognises the rights of all students to fully participate in courses in a positive and respectful environment. To support this objective the following conduct and procedures are in place:


  • When on Centre premises, students should act in a respectful manner toward fellow students, all Centre staff and teachers.  In accordance with our organisational policies, any acts of aggression, harassment, verbal abuse, or physical violence will result in the student being banned from the premises until the incident is processed and dealt with through our policies and procedures.


  • Students should arrive for their class on time in order not to disrupt their class.

Class Attendance:

  • If a student is unable to attend a class, they should tell the teacher or call the Centre before the class commences.

Mobile Phones:

  • Mobile phones can be disruptive in class. Students should turn off their mobile or switch it to silent mode. If a student is waiting on an urgent call, they should talk with the teacher to make arrangements to take the call.

Food during class:

  • Classes generally have a tea break. Food should not be eaten during class time unless for medical reasons, or as part of a class activity.

Children in class:

  • Children are not allowed in class. Parents need to make childcare arrangements while they attend the Centre.


  • Smoking is not permitted inside the Centre or under any covered areas outside the Centre.

State of classrooms:

  • Classes should be held in a safe and clean environment. It is important that each student makes sure the classroom is clean and tidy. (If needed, a carpet sweeper is stored in the toilet area.)
  • In the kitchen, students should put dirty cups in the dishwasher (unless the dishwasher is in operation) and wipe kitchen benches if necessary.
  • If able, students are asked to help set up or put away the class tables and chairs when needed. Please check with the teacher of the class or the coordinators.