Computer and Technology

Unlock the power of ChatGPT and discover endless possibilities—from creative writing to problem-solving and more. Elevate your skills and explore the potential that ChatGPT has to offer.

Leap into Digital Skills Be on your way to modelling your new tiny house, renovation or ground breaking new product using Sketchup. Presented by an experienced designer and engineer with years of 2 & 3D CAD modelling experience.

Introduction to Voice Recognition Technology Learn how to set up, use and troubleshoot Google Home and similar devices to help you with everyday life, using voice commands.

Leap into Digital Skills Learn how different apps on your mobile devices can help make your life easier and fun, such as WhatsApp, AirTasker and MeetUp.Learn how to keep safe, detect phising attempts, recognise and avoid online threats.

Digital Essentials Level 1 Designed especially for beginners, this course empowers you to boost your confidence and broaden your knowledge of various digital devices. Discover their functionalities and learn how to leverage them to connect online.

Unlock the power of free online tools like Google Docs & Sheets. Learn essential skills to create, edit and share documents and spreadsheets seamlessly. A must to upskill or reskill for work.

Digital Essentials Level 2 Build your skills and expand your knowledge and understanding of technology, including use of different digital devices, their functionality and the ways to use them to connect with others and access services over the internet.

Leap into Digital Skills Learn how to create social media graphics, videos, compelling posters, and more using CANVA (a free graphic design tool), in a beginner-friendly class.

A Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and Outlook course covering the basics (and more) to help you confidently use these programs at work or study. Basic computer literacy is recommended. Fri 12.30pm – 3pm9 Feb – 31 May(14wks, nc 29/3, 4/4 & 11/4)

This courses improves your literacy and English skills, as well as your computer skills. It covers grammar, writing and reading for both learners with English and EAL learners. This course runs every term throughout the year. New students are welcome at anytime; an interview with the co-ordinator is required. Please call the centre on 9885 […]

A Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and Outlook course covering the basics (and more) to help you confidently use these programs at work or study. Extend your skills in this practical class.

If you are new to digital devices or find using your mobile devices difficult, this is the course for you.  Start with the basics, learn the ins and outs of smartphones and tablets, essential apps and features to unlock the full potential of your mobile device and become more tech savvy.